About Me

Hello everyone. I’m Ricky and I have been playing recreational Disc Golf for around 10 years. It has been a way for me to be outdoors, relieve stress, and exercise. While playing a game that I enjoy.

First off let me explain the where “Disbee Frisbee” came from.

A friend, and I were talking about Disc Golf at work. A co-worker overheard our conversation, and asked what Disc Golf is. So we explained how the game is played, and invited him to join us next time we play. He said “Yeah maybe I’ll come play Disbee Frisbee or whatever sometime.”  The name kinda stuck with us. It is catchy, and it flows a little better than Disc Golf. So that’s the short story of Disbee Frisbee.

What is the goal of DisbeeFrisbee.com?

DisbeeFrisbee.com is for anyone from noob to pro. We want to educate people on what Disc Golf is all about. We are here to bring the Disc Golf community together. Where we all can share our own experiences on the Disc Golf course, give, and receive advice from each other on the game of Disbee Frisbee.


Hope you enjoy bangin chains!


Vice President of DisbeeFrisbee.com