Disc Golf For Beginners – Short Story

This is the short story of Disc Golf for beginners. If you want the robot version then DisbeeFrisbee.com may not be the place for you.

The first thing you should know about Disc Golf is that it is a game, and like most games it is meant to be enjoyed. So try not to get discouraged if you fail miserably at first. Although it seems like an easy game to master, I have never seen beginner go out there and nail it on the first day. Hang In there and enjoy the outdoors while you gradually improve your game. I would also say that the most important thing to get started is Disc selection. Every disc has a unique flight pattern and they vary in weights. So a little research to find a few good discs for beginners will go a long way. Disc Golf is similar to Golf. Most courses have 18 holes. While some have only 9 holes. Each hole can be wooded, open, or maybe even my personal favorite… surrounded by water or across a pond!!disc golf water hazard

Each hole starts at the tee box, and Disc Golf For Beginnersthey can be any distance to the basket. From my experience most holes average 200 FT to 300 FT. Most courses have each hole labeled as to how many throws it takes to score par for the hole. For example, a par 3 would take 3 throws to complete the hole to score par for the hole.

Disc Golf For Beginners – Driving from the Tee box

When I started playing disc golf. Like most people I just stood at the end of the tee box and slung my arm around with all my might hoping for the best. Most of the time my disc would sail right, left, or straight into a tree 20 FT away… Eventually I gave in, and did some research on driving technique. Still a little inconsistent, but some technique is a must and it will improve your disc golf experience exponentially. If you are having a lot of trouble with your drive. Find an open field, and throw all your discs from one end to the other. Be sure to focus on technique. Its not how hard you throw that matters. Try to be smooth, and have a good follow through.

Disc Golf For Beginners

Pretty Worn Out. You can see where people have been driving beside the tee box.

A basic overview of distance drivers

Overstable drivers are better for players that have a stronger arm, and will go left at the end of flight for right handed backhand throw.

Understable drivers tend to be better for beginners or weaker arms, and can go right towards the end of flight for right handed backhand throws.

Disc weight– Basically they are weighed in grams. The lighter weights are better for beginners, and the the heavier weights are better suited for more experienced players.

Word on the streets is that a disc under 140 grams should float. So if you play a course with water hazards this could save you some stress ,and money.

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Most of my favorite discs are in rivers or ponds…

So now you know a little more about the most satisfying part of Disc Golf. I mean if you don’t enjoy throwing things as hard as you can, and watching them sail through the air you may not have a soul. Now lets talk about the less flashy, but still very important… midrange.

Disc Golf For Beginners – Midrange

Alright. Now you have thrown your Distance Driver, and you may have ended up 100 FT from the basket. The player who is furthest from the basket gets to throw first.  You should throw from directly behind where your disc landed. You can do a run up, and follow through as long as you are further than 33 FT from the basket. Any closer is putting range, and you can’t move past your spot until the thrown disc lands.

This is where the magic happens. It would be pretty sweet to get an Ace on a drive, however it is much more likely that you will hit a long midrange shot. So I would recommend practicing this shot most of all. All of my best shots have come from around 100 FT out with my Tee Bird from Innova. Best $8 I’ve ever spent.

Disc Golf For Beginners – Putting

Alright. Now for the putting. As I said earlier anything within 33 FT if the basket is putting range. While putting you have to stay behind your mark until the thrown disc lands… hopefully resting safely in the basket. While I am far from a master putter. I can offer a bit of advice. Find a putter that you really like. Buy yourself several of them so you don’t have to walk back and forth after every putt. Just practice putting until you have developed some muscle memory, and consistency.

The absolute most important part of Disc Golf is…..

Disc Golf For Beginners

Chiggerville !!!

If your drive lands you in the woods ( CHIGGERVILLE ) then you better be dual wielding some insect repellant! A chigger attack can leave you with post traumatic stress disorder, and you may never venture into the woods again. If you don’t have any insect repellant then you may be better off leaving your disc there , and just buying a new one. Seriously… carry some insect repellant with you for your own safety.

So that is about it for the short story. Now I hope you have learned enough about Disc Golf to have a starting point that you can build upon. So grab a friend, a few discs, maybe even some bug spray, and go bang some chains! Oh yeah.. and remember to have some fun.


  1. I never knew disc golf was so intense. I’m giving it a shot the next chance I get, even though I just stumbled across your site its been really informative. Thanks

  2. Interesting post. Disc Golf seems like a very fun game when you get a couple of buddies to play with. I rememeber playing something like it when I was younger and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are welcome rob. It is definitely a little more fun to have a few good friends with you. It certainly makes finding that disc that sailed in the woods a lot easier when you can have some extra eyes on it.

  3. Well I just checked and sure enough we have an active disc golf community where I live, and they even had an event planned for this weekend that was cancelled due to the snow and cold weather! I am going to look into this in the spring as a way to get out and get some activity and that is thanks to you and this article.
    What do you recommend for a beginner to purchase that will get me through the first few excursions? I do not want to spend a lot of money, but I realize that I will need some stuff.

    • If you want a good outdoor hobby that doesn’t cost a lot of money you are in luck. A good beginner setup can be bought for around $25. For a driver I would recommend something like the Valkyrie in around the 150 gram range. valkyrie
      For a mid-range something like the atlasAtlas
      And for a putter I would throw in the aviar and you are all set. Aviar

  4. Hi
    I have just read with interest about this amazing sport. But I was wondering. What sort of distance can you achieve from a good drive ?
    Will have to check the internet to see if we have any courses near my home.

    • I believe that most beginners will drive between 150 to 200 feet with the occasional 250 foot drive. The disc that you throw has a lot to do with the success of your drive. I have a page that might point you in the right direction for some starter discs
      Discs For Beginners

  5. Hi!
    I’ve never heard of disc golf before!
    Sounds pretty fun but also hard seeing as I really suck at normal frisbee xD
    Thank you for the informative article and all the tips, especially the chiggerville one.
    Factual yet humorous.
    Really well-written post!

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