Disc Golf Putting Tips

Disc Golf Putting Tips

Drive for show and putt for dough

When most people begin playing disc golf they only practice the drive. It is a good feeling to have a killer drive and end up within 30 feet of the basket. So you walk up to the basket thinking about how good its going to feel to get this birdie. It all comes down to the putt. You think it would be an easy task to throw a disc 30 feet into a basket…. then you nail it! The bottom of the basket I mean. All your hopes of the birdie have been crushed. Now that killer drive has turned into a par. Not bad right? Well nobody is really satisfied with a par. So I’m Going to give you a few disc golf putting tips that will help you develop a better putting game.

First find a putter that you feel comfortable with. Go out and buy several of these that are the identical. This will cut down on a lot of the walking back and forth while you are practicing. The problem with practicing with several different discs is that they will likely all need to be thrown a little different. So this will make it difficult to develop a routine.

Find a putting stance that you are most consistent with. I believe putting is kinda like eating a Reese’s. There is no wrong way to do it. Different stances work for different people. There are so many different “types” of putts… the in line put, side straddle putt, push putt, turbo putt, laser putt, downward facing dog putt, euro-step putt, granny putt, the putt putt…. ok I may have made some of those up. The point is just to find a stance that works best for you and  stick to it.

Develop a routine. If you have ever watched a basketball player shoot free throws you have noticed that the do it the same way every time. Doesn’t matter if they bounce the ball seven times then go around the back twice before they shoot. They always do it the same. This can help you clear your mind, and give you confidence that you’ve done it a million times. The same thing applies to putting. If you approach the shot the same every time you will make shots more consistently.

Shot and follow through. I would recommend trying several different ways of putting. When you find the one that works best for you just be sure to stick with it. For a few pointers… Try to limit side to side movement of your arm as much as possible. This cuts down on the chance of you missing left or right. One drawback of this is that you also lose some disc speed. So you should use your legs to help create some momentum for your shot. Make sure you focus on the follow through, and try to focus on putting the same way every time. It’s all about muscle memory, and confidence.

Putting Practice

The best way to get a better putting game is to practice. What a drag right? Well it is a necessary evil if you want to improve so I will give you a few tips that might make it a little more interesting.

  • Around The World – Most of you have played this on your basketball goal at home. Well it’s a great way to practice your putting as well. Just place some markers at a comfortable distance around the basket and make your way around as you make your putts. Try to make 2 of 3 from each spot. If you miss then you go back.
  • Near and Far – Place markers in a line every few Ft  from near the basket to far away ( well not too far. maybe 25 to 35 Ft at most ). Take at least 3 shots from the first marker. If you make all 3 then move to the next marker. If you miss start over.

Sometimes while I’m putting I find myself just casually tossing the disc in the general area of the basket without any focus or technique. Needless to say this is never very effective. So I try to remember to do a few things to prevent that.

First I get a comfy grip on the disc. Then I try to focus on a point just to the right of the basket pole. I say to the right because if you are right handed the disc will fade to the left. If you throw at the pole and barely miss then you still hit the chains and get your Birdie… hopefully. If you throw at the Basket and barely miss then… there goes your Birdie…


If I ever start thinking about missing before a putt then I try to clear my mind by thinking about something else. I say to myself “off the cheezy” repeatedly while visualizing the disc going off the cheezy ( chains )  and resting ever so softly in the little Birdie nest ( or basket ) Then I say loud and with confidence ” off the cheezy! ” as I putt.

Well that’s all I have to offer in the ancient art of Disc Golf Putting. I hope this has been very helpful to you, and may you have many Birdies to come.

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