The ROC Disc Golf Course Tyler TX

“The ROC” Disc Golf Course Review Tyler TX

First Impression

This park is very well maintained and it is ran by Green Acres Baptist church in Tyler TX. They have a concrete walking Trail, lots of benches, a pretty nice playground for the kids, a grill under a covered area with picnic tables, two baseball fields, a  soccer field, and a pond. I’d say it isn’t a bad place to spend some quality family time. OH YEAH, and the Disc Golf Course.

None of the holes have their official signs yet so I just assume they are all par 3. 

Rough Start

So our original plan was to actually play the course and give feedback on each hole for the course. We found the T-box for hole #1 between the fences of the baseball fields. There was a short and a long T for the hole. We only saw one basket, and we weren’t sure that it was the correct one but we went ahead and threw at it. Turns when we went to putt, the basket said #12. Long story short the entire course was under renovation. All but one of the baskets were just poles where the new ones were going to be. So we put our discs up and just toured the course to get the layout and a general idea of how it would play.

Hole #1 

Hole #1 has a  long T-Box at 314 feet, and a short near around 260 feet. Pretty straight line to the basket there are some trees in the way towards the end of the flight but I think it wouldn’t be terribly challenging for a beginner to get par from the short T-box. Barring the occasional epic fail of a drive.

Hole #2

It took us a bit to find this hole as there wasn’t a sign indicating which direction to go. So if you go to the left towards the water it’s actually pretty easy to find. We also talked to the guys in charge of the course and they are working on getting proper signage for the course. 

Not sure what the distance of this hole is, but I’d say its close to 250 from the long box. Obviously a huge water hazard so you may wanna find yourself at least one disc that floats and you can throw well. I use the Wahoo for this. Any disc under 135 g should float though. The short box on this hole is definitely more appealing if you aren’t a risk taker. I think this hole is very good for course variety and definitely spices things up a bit.

Any hole with a water hazard like this is a treasure trove full of lost discs if you don’t mind getting wet. I would recommend writing your name and number on your discs as there are honest people who will be happy to return a lost disc. I’ve witnessed this first hand. 

Hole #3

This hole is pretty short and most beginner players will be able to make the distance to the basket. It does have a short and a long basket. The short one is semi-surrounded by water, and the long one is on the other side of the creek. Definitely another water hazard, but I think this is a very nice hole as well. If you are afraid of losing a disc in the water you can always play it safe and throw well short of the basket to avoid the chance of your drive getting away from you and landing in the creek, also avoiding the chance of getting a Birdie on the hole.

Hole #4

This hole obviously stays very wet and could be a nuisance to get through. They are looking into building it up in some way to make a dry path to the basket. For now if you play here you can walk around the left side and come around the back side of the basket to stay dry. The basket is a little hidden on the right side of the opening behind what looks like the second big tree on the right. This hole also gives some variety since the basket is on the right side and most people throw in a way that makes the disc curve to the left.

Hole #5

This is probably one of the more difficult holes so far. The path is more narrow than before and there are several trees around the basket. It still shouldn’t be all that hard to get par because it’s not super far to the basket. This basket was already in place and it has a very nice look. I think the white baskets may be a little harder to see than the yellow ones you see in most places though.

Hole #6

This one gives you a nice downhill throw and I believe is the first of the course with an out of bounds area. The sidewalks and the right of the sidewalks are OB. The right of the sidewalks shouldn’t be much of a problem, however you might get unlucky and land on the sidewalk now and then. Even though you are throwing towards the water I wouldn’t say its too risky as a water hazard unless you have a rocket of an arm. If that’s the case just dial it back a bit.

To get to this T-box you walk around the back side of the playground. 

Hole #7

This hole is very short ( 100 feet ) and like I said they are not labeled for what is par. I think it could be a par 2, but I will confirm when they get the official signs up. There is a small pond on the back side of the basket that has probably consumed a good number of discs. I actually lost one of my faves in this pond a few years back. The arrow on the right hand pole is a mandatory to stay left of it. So I would just pick a nice over-stable disc and aim either between the poles, or at the left pole and a little high. Easy hole and if it’s a par 2 then it adds a little more variety to the course as well.

Hole #8

It’s a decent walk across the parking lot to the T-box for #8. Good thing there is a nice bench there and after 7 holes why not take a short break. On the way to hole #8 you also pass by the restrooms which have always been open when I’ve been there, and they have a water fountain as well. This basket is up a pretty good hill and even with it being wide open a 240 foot uphill throw could be pretty challenging for a beginner to shoot under par. Once again this adds more variety to the course because of the elevation.

If you are right handed this would be a perfect hole for a fore-handed throw. Or if you aren’t good at forehand find a disc that you can turn over and control.

Hole #9

Another downhill basket. This one has a short box at 234 feet, and a long at 297 feet. From the long box you are throwing blind, but if you use an over-stable disc, aim straight and let it rip you should end up alright. The basket is near the road to the left of the box. From the short box it looks like a pretty easy throw since there are no obstacles in your way and with it being downhill 234 feet shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not specified, but I would assume that the road would be out of bounds as that is normally the case.

Hole #10

The long on this hole is 280 feet uphill. I would say that the short is around 240 feet. Once again 240 feet is a little tough uphill for a beginner. The basket is tucked away behind some trees at the top of the hill with a fence behind it. It looks like if you can stay to the right of the basket with your approach then you will have your best chance of not being blocked by a tree when you putt.

Probably the most crowded basket so far. 

Hole #11

It looks like this one has a long around 270 feet, and a short around 240 feet. I’m not sure if both the baskets are going to stay where they are since they are replacing them, but I didn’t see any more posts up so I assume they will. This basket is straight ahead but you will have to curve around some trees to get to it. The long basket is almost at a 90 degree angle to the left of the short one. This hole is going to take a little more accuracy on the drive to avoid a bogey.

Hole #12

While hole #12 isn’t very far to the basket it looks like the hardest drive yet. There is a very small window through the trail and these poor trees are going to take a beating . Many highs and lows on this one.

Hole #13

Hole #13 is a straight shot to the basket looking between two power poles. I didn’t see any signs saying it’s mandatory to throw between the poles. There is a short and a long but this is probably one of the holes I would throw from the long even if I was playing the short course. Just because it’s more fun to throw through the poles. If it is “mando” to throw between the poles you will need a disc with a straight flight pattern. Or something that at least has an “S” pattern to it.

Hole #14

This one is a little tight on the drive for a beginner. You can either play it safe for par and lay it up in the opening. Or take the risk of hitting a tree and go for the birdie. It’s only 214 feet so most people will be able to drive the distance. The basket is to the left of the trail behind some trees and an old partial fence. It would be good to have an over-stable disc for this drive as they will fade hard left at the end.

Hole #15

Hole #15 is wide open. The basket is a little to the right of the T-box, so for this hole you will either need to throw an over-stable disc fore-handed, use a stable driver, or a driver with an “S” flight pattern to prevent your disc from fading away from the basket on your drive.

Hole #16

This is a pretty long hole at 387 ft. So for a beginner you will definitely want to throw from the short T-Box to avoid frustration. It looks like the short box is around 250 feet to the basket. Even from the short T-Box the basket is to the right and behind the trees so this is a bit of a challenging hole all around.

Hole #17

Hole #17 has a short and a long box. The long T-Box is around 306 feet to the basket. From there it looks like your best bet at a good drive is to aim for the gap to the right between the trees so your disc will fade towards the basket. The short box looks like around 250 feet and as long as you keep your drive low you shouldn’t have much trouble getting par.

Hole #18

This is a pretty interesting hole. The box is really high, and you can only see the basket if you stand a few feet to the left of the it. I’d say that your best bet here is to try keeping your disc low and aim over the right part of the sign. If you let a drive get away from you it could go into the woods and they are very thick so it is hard to find your disc in there. I know this from experience.

Hole #19

This is the first course I’ve been to with 19 holes but more is better right? The short and long boxes are pretty close to each other. The short box just gives you a better angle at the basket. From the long box there are endless options for trees to hit. This hole brings you back around the #1 basket and you’re done.

Final Thoughts

I think “The ROC” has a very good course with a good variety of shots, elevations, and water. Navigation of the course overall is very straight forward and easy. I would say that it is a great course for all skill levels.

We will be giving an update when we go back to play the course with all the baskets in place and we will give feedback on how we did. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. Also if you have played this course let us know how you did.

Now that you have read my review you are probably ready to get your discs together and start playing. Before you go buy a new set of discs don’t forget to check out my post explaining what the flight ratings on your discs mean.

Here is a quick summary and backstory of all the courses in Tyler TX

Before you go check out our page about discs!!


  1. So glad you made it out to Tyler, The Roc is where I learned to play Disc Golf. I enjoy rounds out there but a lot of the holes have changed from the orginal layout. Thom has done a great job working the course to the expansions of the complex he also runs a free fun Monday’s league with all kinds of stats. I help run Rose City Disc Club we would love to have you out to Lindsey Park we have an awesome 3 Course Complex with concrete tees and Innova DiscCatchers. Check out our Facebook page for more info our Events too!

    • Thanks Steven. We will definitely be checking out Lindsey park ASAP. I have played there a few times. Great courses. I can’t wait to share a review on my site.

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